Lime Goats Milk Moisturiser 100ml




Goat’s milk has become more recognised in skin care in recent years due to its amazing benefits to the skin. It is known for its delicate moisturising properties for dry and problem skin.

The naturally occurring lactic acid in goat’s milk acts as a gentle exfoliant, resorting and rejuvenating tired skin by removing the dead and dry skin cells. This is ideal for sensitive, dry or chapped hands.

Ingredients: CALENDULA INFUSION (Aqua, calendula officialis), GOATS MILK, CALENDULA OIL (helianthus annuus, stellaria media) SAFFLOWER OIL (carthmus tinctorus mexico) SODIUM STEIRYL, SHEA BUTTER (butyrospermum parki butter) GLYCERYL STEARATE lactylate, PRESERVATIVE ECO (benzl alcohol, salicylic acid, glycerine, sorbic acid) LIME ESSENTIAL (citrus aurantifolia).